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This is the official website of Soundz in Canada. 

Ed Oakley is our official distributor in Canada who services the needs of Canada’s awesome musicians. We pride ourselves on giving outstanding service and customer care. With Canada as our main focus, we strive to make the process of getting your in-ears hassle-free and enjoyable. As fellow Canadians, we are deeply committed to the wonderful talent our Country produces and want to give them the very best in-ear monitor experience!

We’ve handled over 150,000 pairs since 1995, and we’re just getting started.



Our mission is to unite you with music! To inspire you to write better music, perform better on stage and be a part of this magical journey of yours. Music is a magical medium of expression. We are here to make you feel the music and experience it in the best possible way.


Each Soundz in-ear monitor is designed with a specific philosophy, the ultimate quality! Absolute quality in construction materials, sound, fitting, and every detail. However, we give the most important to you. To your needs, to immediate support, to immediate communication, making you feel safe. We repay your trust by offering you top-quality products and support at the best prices on the market.


“To make a difference, you have to think differently and love what you do!”

Our belief in this and our passion for what we do results in us being different and leading the way. We are dedicated and devote all our energy, driven by evolution and refinement to the highest possible level.


To reach the highest possible point. To meet the needs of all musicians in Greece and to expand beyond the borders at a competitive level with the biggest companies in the world.


Soundz is an innovative company founded by the hearing aid professional Mr. Alexios Papatasios. Mr. Papatasios is a graduate of the “Department of Computer Science and Engineering” at the University of Thessaly in Greece. He has studied “Professionals in Hearing Health Sciences” at the International Hearing Society IHS – Michigan America. He is also a graduate of the Post-Educational Program of  “Audiology – Neuro-otology” at the Medical School of Athens.

2011: Earmedical was founded. An experienced and pioneering company specializing in the field of hearing rehabilitation and hearing protection.

2016: Soundz was founded. Our original purpose was to manufacture premium custom earplugs for professional DJs and musicians. With the valuable help of the famous DJs / Soundz Ambassadors, we managed in a short time to expand our products worldwide!

2018: Two years after the establishment of the company, we decided to take part as exhibitors at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany. There we expanded the boundaries of the company, making wholesale partnerships in India, Israel, Australia, and America. At Musikmesse, we were approached by the representatives of the factories that produce drivers, cables, and all the components required for the manufacture of headphones. There was also the beginning of the idea of ​​manufacturing in-ear monitors.

2019: We built one of the most modern 3d printing labs in Greece. We equipped ourselves with state-of-the-art 3d machines, professional microphones, sound measurement equipment, and software.

But the task was not easy at all. Taking advantage of the quarantine due to COVID-19, we spent 1 full year in Research & Development in our lab, to create our first 3 models. After countless tests, measurements and calculations we created the first 3 in-ear monitor models: Boost, Pure, and Ultra.

2022: We have in our quiver 6 new evolved in-ear monitor models capable of meeting the needs of all professional musicians, studio producers, and audiophiles. Also with Soundz premium earplugs, we can cover every hearing protection need.

2023: We introduced 3 new technologies, FlexFitPro, ImmersiveMode, and SoundzCore2. These technologies take the listening experience to new heights!

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of sound and hearing, our passion, and your feedback, we continue to evolve and push our limits every day.

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